Streamlined payments for the modern IBD

Welcome to PayCycle, the time-saving Direct Debit scheme for the UK cycle trade.

Paycycle allows IBDs to streamline their payments using our consolidated online system - reducing the time needed to check and pay invoices. The weekly statement rounds up invoices into one single payment, taken by Direct Debit. Everything is paid on time unless a payment is "Held" by the retailer.

For suppliers there is the benefit of just a 10 minute "batch process" report each week, regardless of how many retailers they deal with. In addition suppliers benefit from the certainty of knowing how much will be paid and when - so far we have collected £6.7M, from 100 retailers, with 95.2% of payments on time.

PayCycle saves retailers and suppliers a huge amount of time that can be re-invested in running their businesses. 

Streamline your payment collection with PayCycle.